Just a few weeks after the passing of its creator Akira Toriyama, Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build the world’s first theme park dedicated to the beloved “Dragon Ball” universe. This exciting news comes as a thrilling tribute to the iconic comics, movies, and games that have captivated fans worldwide.

A Dream Come True for Dragon Ball Fans

The “Dragon Ball” theme park will be located in Qiddiya, an ambitious entertainment and tourism project just outside the Saudi capital of Riyadh. This park, centered around the adventures of Son Goku, the young boy with extraordinary martial arts abilities, promises to immerse visitors in the fantastical world of Dragon Ball and the quest for the seven magical orbs that grant wishes.

A Testament to the Growing Popularity of Manga and Anime

The popularity of manga and anime has been steadily rising in Saudi Arabia and the wider Arab world. With an estimated 13 million fans of the Japanese genre in Saudi Arabia alone and around 85 million across the Arab world, the demand for immersive experiences like the “Dragon Ball” theme park continues to grow. Manga Productions, a Saudi anime production and distribution company, is playing a significant role in fueling this demand.

A Spectacular and Expansive Experience

Spanning over 500,000 square meters (310,000 square miles), the “Dragon Ball” theme park will transport fans into the most memorable locations from the original series. Visitors can expect to explore iconic locales such as Kame House, Capsule Corporation, and Beerus’s Planet. With Qiddiya being built on a site double the size of Florida’s Disney World, the scale and grandeur of this theme park are sure to make it a must-visit destination.

Unforgettable Rides and Exciting Attractions

The “Dragon Ball” theme park will offer an impressive lineup of more than 30 attractions, including five state-of-the-art rides. Fans can look forward to thrilling experiences that bring their favorite moments from the series to life. Additionally, the park will feature “Dragon Ball” themed hotels and restaurants, ensuring a complete and immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

Honoring an Iconic Manga Series

“Dragon Ball” was first published as a serial in 1984 and has since become one of the best-selling manga series of all time. It has not only gained immense popularity but also played a pivotal role in introducing manga to a global audience. The enduring success of its anime adaptations has further solidified the series as a beloved cultural phenomenon, captivating fans in both Eastern and Western countries.

This groundbreaking announcement of the world’s first “Dragon Ball” theme park in Saudi Arabia is a testament to the enduring legacy and global appeal of Akira Toriyama’s creation. Fans around the world eagerly anticipate the day when they can step into the world of Dragon Ball and embark on their own extraordinary adventures.

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