With a new season of Broadway upon us, there are a number of exciting new productions that audiences are eager to see this spring. From the highly anticipated “Uncle Vanya” starring Steve Carell and “Illinoise” based on Sufjan Stevens’ indie rock classic, to long-running favorites like “Wicked” and “Moulin Rouge!”, there is something for everyone on Broadway.

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Broadway Shows Playing Right Now

Here are some of the current Broadway shows that you can catch right now:

“The Notebook: The Musical”

Synopsis: After being delayed by the pandemic, this much-loved tale of enduring love finally comes to Broadway. Singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson pens the music and lyrics, with the book written by Bekah Brunstetter from the TV series “This Is Us.”
Where: Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
Variety Review: “The huge fanbase of the romance novel and the 2004 hit film might initially boost the box office, but it will take more than recreating that iconic rainstorm to win over other theatergoers looking for more than clichés, tropes, and triggers.”

“Water for Elephants: The Musical”

Synopsis: Based on Sara Gruen’s historical novel and subsequent Hollywood feature, the musical follows the journey of Jacob Jankowski, a veterinary student who finds himself working at a traveling circus during the Great Depression.
Where: Imperial Theater

“An Enemy of the People”

Synopsis: Doctor Thomas Stockmann discovers that the town’s hot spring is tainted and faces backlash from his neighbors when he voices his concerns.
Where: Circle in the Square Theater
Variety Review: “This production has much to recommend it, and [actor] Strong in particular should return to the stage as often as he can.”

“The Outsiders”

Synopsis: This musical adaptation of S.E. Hinton’s novel and the subsequent movie follows the lives of a group of “greaser” boys as they navigate their battles with a rival gang of privileged youths.
Where: Jacobs Theatre

“Tamara de Lempicka: The Musical”

Synopsis: This musical explores the life and art of Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka, chronicling her artistic evolution against the backdrop of Nazi ascension and her migration to the United States during World War II.
Where: Longacre Theatre

“Hell’s Kitchen”

Synopsis: Set in 1990s New York City, this musical revolves around a teenager named Ali who yearns to break free from her protective mother and experience the world.
Where: The Public Theater
Variety Review: “The minimalism of the stage and Ali’s earnest narration make the viewers feel a part of the production rather than just spectators.”

“The Wiz”

Synopsis: This new revival of the 1974 musical features a fresh new vibe and follows Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinman as they journey to find The Wiz.
Where: Marquis Theatre, opens in March 2024

“The Great Gatsby”

Synopsis: This musical adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is set in the roaring 1920s and showcases the vibrant lives of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.
Where: The Broadway Theater, opens in March 2024


Synopsis: This Broadway show, based on The Who’s 1969 rock concept album, follows the journey of Tommy, a young man lost in his own world after witnessing a traumatic event.
Where: Nederlander Theatre


Synopsis: Set in post-Soviet Union Russia, this musical follows billionaire Boris Berezovsky and his ruthless pursuit of power with the help of deputy mayor Vladimir Putin.
Where: Ethel Barrymore Theatre

“Uncle Vanya”

Synopsis: This play tells the story of Sonya and her Uncle Vanya, caretakers of their family’s farm, whose lives are disrupted when Sonya’s father and his new wife move in.
Where: Lincoln Center, opens April 2024

“Mother Play: A Play in Five Evictions”

Synopsis: Set in 1962, this play follows Phyllis, a cigarette-smoking, gin-drinking mother, as she supervises her children moving into their new apartment.
Where: Helen Hayes Theater, opens April 2024

“Mary Jane”

Synopsis: This play tells the story of a single mother who uses optimism and humor to navigate an unimaginable family situation.
Where: Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, opens April 2024


Synopsis: Set in 1976, this musical centers on an up-and-coming rock band recording their new album, which could make or break their careers.
Where: John Golden Theatre, opens April 2024

“Merrily We Roll Along”

Synopsis: This musical follows a young composer and his friends over the years, with the story told in reverse.
Where: Hudson Theatre


Synopsis: Based on Sufjan Stevens’ indie rock album, this production is a coming-of-age story set in the Midwest, with elements of both a musical and a hipster ballet.
Where: St. James Theatre, opens April 2024

“The Lion King”

Synopsis: Based on the Disney animated film, this musical brings the characters of the Pride Lands to life on stage.
Where: Minskoff Theatre


Synopsis: This Tony-winning revival tells the story of two women in Chicago who will do anything to stay on the front page of the local newspaper, even from behind prison bars.
Where: Ambassador Theatre


Synopsis: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s revolutionary musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton continues to captivate audiences.
Where: Richard Rodgers Theatre

“The Book of Mormon”

Synopsis: This Tony-winning musical follows two Latter-day Saints missionaries as they attempt to spread their religious teachings in a remote Ugandan village.
Where: Eugene O’Neill Theatre

These are just a few of the fantastic Broadway shows that you can experience in 2024. So, gather your friends and family, and head to the theater for a memorable night of music, laughter, and awe-inspiring performances.

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