Mike Brewer has revealed his blunt opinion on the show's spin-off series

In the world of car enthusiasts, there are few shows as legendary as Wheeler Dealers. Mike Brewer, the star of the show, has been on a mission to save old and enthusiast vehicles. Recently, he shared his opinion on the idea of making a spin-off series for the beloved show. Let’s find out what he had to say.

A Missed Opportunity

A fan named Suzanne Swan reached out to Mike on X, formerly known as Twitter, asking if he would consider making a revisited series titled “Where Are They Now”. She suggested that it would be fascinating to see Mike track down cars that he has flipped and find out what has become of them. It’s safe to say that many others would love to see that too.

However, Mike’s response was not exactly what fans were hoping for. He admitted that they have done a similar spin-off series in the past, called Wheeler Dealers Revisited, but he found it rather boring. It seems like revisiting their previous deals and favorite restorations didn’t bring the excitement they were expecting.

The Story Behind Wheeler Dealers Revisited

Back in 2011, Mike and his pal Edd China launched a one-off special series called Wheeler Dealers Revisited. In this special series, they looked back on five of their most successful deals and all-time favorite restorations from previous seasons. They even tracked down some of those incredible vehicles and met the current owners to see how the cars were doing.

Each one-hour episode of Wheeler Dealers Revisited relived the entire process of the restoration, from buying to refurbishing and selling, just like in the previous episodes. It was a chance for fans to reminisce and experience the joy of these iconic restorations all over again.

Mike’s Blunt Opinion

Despite the success of Wheeler Dealers Revisited, Mike didn’t hold back in expressing his true feelings about the spin-off series. He simply stated, “We have done it.. wheeler dealers revisited.. it was boring.. sorry.” It’s clear that he didn’t find the concept as captivating as the original show.

While fans may be disappointed that a new spin-off series is not in the works, it’s important to remember that Wheeler Dealers is still going strong. Mike is currently co-presenting the show’s main run with host Marc Priestly, and they continue to thrill car enthusiasts around the world.

Selling a Legendary Vintage Ford Transit

Speaking of Mike’s latest ventures, he recently revealed that he is selling a legendary vintage Ford Transit as he launches his new line of vans. In a video posted on his Instagram, he showcased a few modern Ford motors while the 1974 van could be seen in the background. Mike, along with the German Fire Brigade, is one of the owners of this vintage Ford van and is selling it for £50,000. If you’re interested, just drop him a message.

The Joy of Discovering Rare Classics

In addition to selling his legendary vintage Ford Transit, Mike had an exciting encounter with a rare modern classic car during his daily commute. While taking a diversion on his way to work, he stumbled upon an Alfa Romeo GTV that had a “for sale” sign on it. He couldn’t believe his luck and immediately turned around to take a closer look. The Alfa Romeo GTV is a seldom-seen sports car, with only 41,000 models produced and an estimated 1,000 remaining in the UK. It’s moments like these that remind us why Mike Brewer has become such a respected figure in the world of car enthusiasts.

Mike’s First Car and a Change of Heart

Mike Brewer’s love for cars started with a humble beginning. In an interview with The Telegraph, he revealed that his first car was a Mini 850cc in beige. Initially, he rode a scooter but quickly realized that having a girlfriend and a scooter weren’t a compatible pair. So, he made the leap to a Mini, a small car that became an iconic symbol of British automotive design. It’s interesting how his passion for cars led him down this path of restoring classics and flipping cars for profit.

As we see Mike Brewer’s career evolve, it’s clear that his love for cars and dedication to preserving automotive history shine through in everything he does. While a spin-off series may not be in the cards, fans can still enjoy the thrill of Wheeler Dealers and follow Mike’s latest adventures through the main show.

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