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December 11, 2018




Some things are worth celebrating. Anniversaries are one of them for me. Competition with time is never-ending, but it is important to find a moment to both reflect and celebrate all the small decisions that have led you to the point where you are today...As well as laugh at the mishaps and struggles. 



The magazine has now been online for one year and I was very keen for a get together to showcase our class behind closed doors. Unfortunately I had fractured my jaw in a non magazine related activity which limited my participation to mostly liquid making the decision let good friend and team member Lars take control of the ladies for a night very easy. Here's what he had to say:

Lauren - A foreigner with a perfect mindset. She gives you lip and gives you bang bang bangs for the Gods. The most beautiful model.









Marthe - Sweet and innocent with a devil controlling her mind. The softness in her photography gives the pictures a dreamy, hazy feel. Live for it!

Ronja - Sweet, strict and one hell of a boss... If you let her. As a photographer she has a real eye for details.








Kelsey - Bitchy but a poodle at heart. Just scratch his tummy and he gives full service for the job. As a stylist he sees color in a correct and natural way.






Happy holidays from the team and thank you to the fifty plus individuals that have contributed thus far



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