Victoria by Jasper Wyatt

October 22, 2018




Victoria is wearing a suit from Moiré, glasses from Flying Tiger, necklace from Hasla and Tabi boots from Maison Margiela 


 Victoria is wearing pants by Tonje Plur, T-shirt by Herotic, body by MagMalou, silver necklace from SWY Studio, color necklaces by Miss Matthiessen, shoes by Since 


Victoria is wearing a suit from Moe Oslo, Jacket from Moiré, earrings from Miss Matthiessen, bag from Tonje Plur and shoes from Since 


Victoria is wearing a coat by Epilogue, top by Tonje Plur, shoes by Maison Margiela


All photography by Jasper Wyatt

Model - Victoria M

Styling - Hannah Hansen

Hair and make up - Katrine Løver


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