mixtape 011 by third attempt

September 12, 2018

How did you get into making electronic music?


It's hard to say. The interest for music has always been there, can't really seem to get enough. 

But I guess I mostly got into electronic music after started going to this youth club in middle school. It was in a 

church (believe it or not), and we got to play or own music and 

hang out in the band room every Thursday. People played some

Interesting music in all genres, sometimes electronic stuff.

My interest only started to develop from there as I got utterly obsessed

through the internet, spending many late nights watching tutorials, tweaking knobs and eventually producing my own tracks.


You use the term Atmospheric Dreamscapes in your bio, what do you mean by this?


I feel like my productions has this in common, 

No matter what's the idea it tends to get somewhat atmospheric and dreamlike. 

It's maybe a lack of a better term, but I guess its become my sound.


Where does your creativity come from?


Discovering and listening to new stuff.

Going to see other artists as often as I can. Not being afraid of trying

new things. Seeing movies. Collaborations with friends. Long conversations with interesting people.

Walks with the dog. 


Is your music self released? How has this process been?


Most of my music was independently released before I got in touch with Beatservice Records.

The process was fairly simple. When my tracks where finished I would send it in to a third party distributor,

it would then be available on most streaming platforms after some time, digital only. Communication felt quite anonymous, all boring stuff really. 

It's ok to begin with, but I find working with a label is much more straightforward. 


Do you use much field recordings? Why?


There is a special feeling to a time and place, which you are able to capture as a recording. 

Realizing that fact I started to implement them as often as I could. Sometimes discrete like a texture or other times more obvious like a landscape.



What's in the mix for F5?


This mix is inspired by the tunes I have listened to over the course of the summer. Uplifting, smooth, groovy, jazzy, rhythmic, organic, and fun stuff.

Will hopefully make cleaning the house a bit easier! Also includes a track from my newest single "Serve Chilled" which is out on Beatservice now





Upcoming gigs?


I have a upcoming live gig at Oslo Jæger Saturday the 22nd September, also doing an Æ-mix the day after. Playing as a DJ the whole weekend at Dama Di in Bodø 28, 29 Sept. 


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All photography by Mats Gangvik

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