The unpleasant, abstract and emotional meets softer lines

August 30, 2018




 Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Cecilie Agerup and I am an artist and a student. I study Landscape Architecture at NMBU and I also work as a barista part time at Stockfleths.

Tell us a bit about your process and your interest in art?

Art has always been a part of my life, but it took a while for me to realise that I needed art in my life. As a kid I went to a school that focused on creative subjects, like drawing and making things by hand. We learned basic drawing techniques and we also had a lot of drawing homework and exercises where we could be creative and explore. Later, when I finished highschool and began to study at the university, I didn't have any art subjects at school, so I started to draw and paint even more in my spare time. It was at this time I started to develop more of my own style. In the beginning I made simple line drawings, mainly of faces and hands. Later the drawings became more detailed, and also more expressive.In highschool I started at the art line. It was at this time that I realised that art was important to me and my interestes in the subject grew. I learned alot at this time and I got the time to really immerse myself into art. We had many long days with many hours of art subjects. It was liberating to use that much time to make art.

I also started to use art in a different way than before. I used it like a diary, to express my emotions and thoughts and to let go of things in a different way than using words.


Your drawings/ pictures seem to have a similar look (somewhat melting) is this something you set out to achieve or something that naturally happens?


I like to start by make some lines on a paper, and see what it ends up to be. The picture makes itself kind of. Sometimes I make things that looks very similar to pictures I have made before, other times something new appears. I like the flow of making intuitive lines on a paper and to see what appears in the end. Other times I draw to let go of an emotion, and to process something, the expression always ends up being something different than the original emotion, something new.

I feel like the drawing/ painting ends up having its own life, it doesnt feel like it is a part of me, or that it represents me. It is its own. 

How did you discover that you liked drawing in that way?

I started to make alot of sketches and drawings, exploring different facial expressions, facial features and so on. I also started to make things more by intuition rather than copying a photo. I wanted to do something other than make very polished and 'perfect/ correct' drawings, in a classical style. It was a new feeling to make something more expressive and free. It was fun, like play, every expression ended up beeing unique and interesting.

Are the faces you draw referenced from anywhere in particular?


Mostly I draw and take inspiration from my feelings. The faces I draw are made up and the expressions appear as I make the piece. It is the feeling and the expression that is important to me, not to have completely correct facial features. I also get inspired by people I see on the street, or strangers that pass by me. I get inspired by wrinkels and different / unusual facial features like big and crooked noses, big ears and to see how peoples faces change when they react to different situations. But, I never copy them, because I cannot stare at them for long enough to really remember their face and I do not dare to ask them for a picture! I think it still influenses what i do and I might end up copying someone without noticing it.

It is not often that I make pictures of someone I know, but I have made a drawing of my mom for instance. She made an interesting expression as we were talking and I asked if I could draw her. She said yes. The face ended up beeing really different from my moms face, but it was also intentional to put more weight on the characteristics of the face and make something new.

I'm really into a lot of the colours you use, do you have a typical palette you play with?

Thank you! I like to use many different colours in one picture, mix them up and see how I can make them work together. I like the soft colours and lines, with the abstract, more extreme and unpleasant faces. The process of my colour use is very intuitive, I use whatever colour I feel like at the time, so I don't really have a specific palette I play with. Sometimes I enjoy the more earthy, soft tones, other times I like to use primal colours. I also rarely mix the colours and if I do it is not that much, because I often find the colours become bland and flat when I do.




Artwork by Cecilie Agrup. 


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