oslo’s most eligible catchelors

June 15, 2018

 Paul is wearing a vest from Boden





Hanse is wearing a T-shirt from TAKEGOODCARE




  Paul is wearing a longsleeve from TAKEGOODCARE

 Paul is wearing velour pants from Haik

Hanse is wearing a crewneck from Avenue


 Hanse is wearing a pique from Boden


 Hanse is wearing a leather jacket from Boden


 Paul is wearing the dad cap from TAKEGOODCARE and a T-shirt from Boden

 Paul is wearing a jacket from Boden




All photography by Ronja Penzo

Cat fluffer and styling, Kelsey Matheson


Thank you to Hanse and his girls Pennywise and Silketarmen and Paul and his boys Bunk and Barksdale


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