mixtape 007 by iok and platonica

March 15, 2018

Iok and Platonica are Berlin based DJ’s and part-time comedians who met purely by chance upon moving into the same shared house, colloquially known as ‘Berghome’. After a trip to Norway visiting family and friends Iok became inspired to mix an upbeat selection of tracks something which is often lost in Berlin’s dark nightlife. 


Platonica was first introduced to music by his Mother, who funded his musical education in the form of classical clarinet and jazz piano lessons and a drum kit which would hit zealously to drown out the sound of swaying cornfields and casual racism in Oxfordshire’s rural villages. He joined several over-ambitious free-jazz and blues rock bands before slowly expanding his musical taste down darker and weirder tangents which would eventually feel quite distant from the conservative origins of Brahms & Beethoven. He spent three years wheeling grime classics and garage-indebted rhythms in Bristol clubs and house parties before packing his bags for Berlin, where he now survives on a diet of beer and breadcrumbs to sustain his vinyl addiction.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world Iok was growing up in New Zealand's picturesque but isolated Bay of Islands. Music was scarce and Iok opted to satisfy his curiosity for sound with nothing but the delicate rhythms of ocean spray and the emotionally charged melodies of native birds. It was just another infinite sunset down by the shoreline when Iok met electronic music for the first time in the form of Puretone's  - Addicted to Bass blasting from a passing by Honda Prelude on cut-springs. He has now developed a significantly better taste in music, something which he accredits to spending all of his rent money on records. A form of research he doesn’t recommend. 




The chance meeting in Berlin turned out to be great for the pair as having recently moved to a new country neither could afford a set of turntables on their own, but, by pooling together money, most of which they say was loaned to them by their parents, they were able to purchase a set, second hand off eBay. Quickly becoming bored with the uninspired 4x4 tech house that defines a large part of the city they looked to add to a wonky palette of sound to their style by digging through boxes of breaks, electro and tough but tasteful techno slabs within the city's abundant record stores. It was a recent two week stay in Oslo and his newfound appreciation of winter sports that inspired Iok to return to Berghome and mix together a showcase of their most recent digging efforts, into what they call “A cohesive tapestry of sound.”


Keep an eye out for their forthcoming collaborative production endeavours and slots throughout Berlin after dark. 


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