mixtape 004 by dennis jernelius

December 13, 2017

Dennis Jernelius is an Oslo based Swede who has inadvertently followed in his fathers footsteps exploring both music and food as professions. Having realised the importance of having side projects Dennis remembers buying a Traktor controller from his friend Markus as he was getting into the scene and right then he found himself saying “this is me, this is what I want to do... It is a nice feeling to know who you are”. The music helped him to use other parts of his brain and he found himself becoming a student again, first studying music theory in Stockholm before returning to Oslo where he has been honing his piano skills for the past year. Originally Dennis started with producing music to get more gigs and now finds himself doing more gigs so he can spend more time in his central Oslo studio that he shares with friend and fellow DJ, Lente. 


 His father played piano in three bands and worked a bit on the radio back in Sweden which has been beneficial for Dennis as he was gifted an Elvis style microphone and an analog synth, the Prophet-5, which was one of the first synths with patch memory. This is a special piece of equipment for Dennis as his dad was the second person to purchase the Prophet-5 in Sweden and it was part of the signature sound when they started making techno music in Detroit. The equipment is also very rare and another cool thing is that once plugged in it is a "living mechanical instrument" and should never been turned off creating a different sound every time it is used. 


Dennis was once a metal head, with tattoo to match, however, he now plays funky tech - house music. This was a long process for him to find himself in electronic music which occurred after moving to Oslo and experiencing the scene at the now closed Fugazi, before a trip to Ibiza acted as the catalyst in his transition. Dennis likes to try and play a bit "funny" as he feels the electronic scene can get a bit square at times especially with the way the nightlife is set up in Norway where people try to cram a party between1-3 am. One thing he mentioned he really liked is that F5 is doing more things than just running a store as he feels that you can get pigeonholed in your profession, something he tries to avoid with his music.  


The music he likes to play now is a little bit more chilled in general compared to your typical club music “imagine daytime in the summer in the sun” thats the mood he tries to go for when making music and mixing sets. A good thing with mixes, he feels, is you don't need to surprise your audience like you do in the club environment. In a mix it should be the same energy throughout as the listener is often looking for a specific vibe and for this Dennis stopped by the Oslo boutique before deciding on a mix that he felt he would like to hear while shopping at F5. 







Upcoming Gigs


Nattfabrikken, Oslo - December 14

Karusell, Oslo - January 11 & 26 (2018)


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