mixtape 003 by aymara

November 22, 2017

Daniel is an artist of the internet generation. He started making music around the age of 13, exploring various genres, before arriving at the place he is musically at today. The electronic scene is something that sticks with Daniel and he remembers using Kazaa, among others, to download whatever he could find from the internet. At this point being able to get the mp3 file was enough for him to create mixes and he never really got into vinyl or CD. The interest is now there, as well as listening to complete albums, but all this came a bit later in life for the one time playlist kid.



An instance he remembers as he was getting into DJing was playing at a club called Sikamikanico with "shitloads of bootleg stuff from the internet" and a bunch of weird remixes which he DJed with a laptop he borrowed from a friend and a mouse, while using a cracked version of Traktor. He has always had an interest in music and a left field approach, with mouse and screen, never using instruments and essentially programming music. This did lead to a few stares from the other DJ’s but wanting to get people to dance has always been his main goal. Today he is using instruments to make music and also does vocals for his own tracks having picked up an interest in singing during film and art school. 


"As long as the beat is awesome it does not really matter who the track comes from".


Having previously felt like he had to fit in somewhere making house music, hip hop beats, electro house, dub step and whatever was popular at the time, he has now realised that he doesn't have to follow the scene and uses these previous influences for the music he makes as Aymara. Daniel creates in his home studio and released an album last year, Sense of Humor. An album inspired by musicians like Mac Demarco and Tame Impala, that led Daniel on a musical tangent to learn guitar so he could use this in his pop rock tracks. It was a fun project for him, but again another phase to finding where he wants to be. Now he is making beat driven electronic music mixed with his own vocals which will form the basis for an upcoming album due out in 2018. 


Daniel made a mix previously entitled F5 Episode I, a series where he dug into the internet to discover new artists remembering a band called Surf, the internet generation and Vaporwave. That was the last inspiration as he has always spent a lot of time on the internet saying “I get inspiration from the internet, all this social media and the www, it triggers something in me.” For him "Episode I was like fuck yeah lets make a soundtrack to this thing that is F5 and this is Episode II of the soundtrack, the sequel."


The mix is heavy on house, slacker pop/rock and alternative dance music featuring some original material, lesser known cuts by Tame Impala and a couple of tracks from Connan Mockasin. There will also be some surprise additions to the mix he describes as a little rave combined with slacker pop because in the end it is all psychedelic...  



All photography Ronja Penzo



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