mixtape 001 by sondre kveldsvik

September 7, 2017


The nightlife in Norway has changed rapidly over the last five years with the introduction of new club venues, re-opening of old clubs, a vibrant underground scene as well as a steady growth of homegrown talent. In a recurring feature we will be treated to a monthly mix from local DJ’s who continue to push the culture.


A native of Kragerø on the Southern Coast of Norway, Sondre Kveldsvik now resides in Oslo where he splits his time working for Universal Music and freelance DJing in the capital cities growing dance scene. In his youth Sondre played piano and used to listen to records with his father who had previously owned a record shop. It was in this setting where he was exposed to everything from Tom Waits to The Velvet Underground and Cypress Hill from an early age. Now in his mid twenties Sondre has found his own way into the electronic scene but feels his upbringing helps him to look for left field cuts and non typical club tracks that can still be banging at the same time. Playing everything from synth wave to house, techno and disco Sondre is not genre dependent and enjoys making his own edits of selects from a range of online sources. 


For this mix Sondre looked at the F5 Instagram which gave him a 80's chic vibe and lead him to open the set with the classic theme song from Risky Business before jumping in to a few darker disco cuts and ending with some jazz fusion.








All photography by Ronja Penzo


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