having lunch with annie berner

August 17, 2017

“If I would stop doing this, I would have a farm with loads of dogs, grow my own vegetables and build an excellent treehouse.”






Growing up Annie had dreams, like every other kid has, however Annie's interests would lead her on two very different career paths. She wanted to become a police officer but she also wanted to make jewellery. In this world Annie could spend her daytime cleaning up the streets while making jewellery on the side. The blueprint was set as to how she was going to make the world a more beautiful place. Today not much can be said about her career as a police officer but at least one of her dreams came true. ANNIE BERNER is a Norwegian jewellery brand, established and crafted by Oslo local Annie Berner.


Annie grew up in an artistic and creative home. Her grandfather was a painter and used to encourage Annie and her siblings to draw. She also loved making things with her hands and her fascination with jewellery started at a very young age. Her mother used to bring home all sorts of pieces from her travels and young Annie would spend hours at a time trying them on and listening to her mother tell the stories of where and how she got them. It wasn't long before Annie, at the age of 7, started making her own necklaces which she would sell every summer from a tiny booth next to her family´s vacation house. The interest continued through high school where Annie made jewellery that she would give to her friends and family as presents - "It did not look pretty because I did not know how to make certain shapes, so I just put pearls and other nice things I could find together... It just looked like clusters of stuff" - laughs Annie. 


Visiting Annie's studio, located in Briskeby, Oslo, there is a good chance that you will find her crafting her jewellery. It is in this intimate space where she spends her time transforming blocks of 925 sterling silver into the most delicate wearable pieces. The methods that she uses are often high tech and involve technologies such as 3D-printing which allows her to create complex shapes that are often difficult or impossible to make with traditional techniques. 

I want to create unique pieces for all women regardless of their age and who they are. There will always be a variety of pieces in my collections. I simply don´t have any intended group of followers, only the mutual love for shiny and delicate pieces.” 


Her first collection Intimate Sculptures took a long time to develop and was launched at F5 Concept Store in October 2016. Making a collection is not only about creating pieces of jewellery but there also has to be a clear vision, something that she did not have previously. The development of her vision, coupled with being the perfectionist that she is, made it a very slow and long process. In the end, when everything came together, it also made her debut that much more satisfactory. 


Based on the success of her first collection, Annie started attracting the interest of buyers from large overseas retailers which was a BIG endorsement for her and provided the motivation to step up and deliver an even better collection next time around.Annie was most definitely up for the challenge and just a few short months later her second collection 'LUNCH' had come to fruition. This collection was even more well received than her first among influencers and press but, most off all, it was her faithful followers that kept Annie busy as they waited to get a hold of her handmade designs. LUNCH is inspired by Annie´s many favorite dishes and her inner foodie. The pieces are more detailed than what we have seen before and could be placed in the store shelves of luxury retailers between goods from Balenciaga, Valentino or Oscar de la Renta. 


Her appetite for a nice silky smooth ‘Spaghetti alle Vongole' or a simple ‘Burrata Caprese’ took Annie's creativity to another level. In addition to the jewellery she added a new product group to her new collection, decor objects in porcelain. You can even get your own handmade burrata bowl or tiny cute dishes that are perfect for dip.





"My priority is to steadily build the brand so I will always continue to create quality work and stay real to my aesthetic. Things may move a bit slow, but that’s okay"



ANNIE BERNER is a one (wo)man band at this point, but Annie hopes that she will continue to grow and that this will change. Annie has a dream that one day, within the next five years, she will have employees and most of all be able to throw Christmas and Summer parties with her fellow co-workers. The working space of her dreams will be arranged in an open landscape with huge windows and swimming pool floors with a remote-controlled plexiglas cover..."Maybe within ten years I can have the swimming pool" she says with a loud and warm laugh.


 Annie wearing her own design, ARTICHAUT SILVER



 Annie wearing her own design, VONGOLE LIGHT BLUE


All photography by Ronja Penzo


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